How Libra Coin works

The Libra means balance. When the word Libra was coined in ancient Egypt, it symbolized balance in between heaven and earth. This new currency system is based on this same concept. The Libra Coin is based on, a decentralized peer-to-peer media, and entertainment distribution platform. This is where your Libra Coin gets its value from. This coin is a type of blockchain technology and has its very own economy. You can use the coins to buy, sell and store files across the world on a public marketplace with your own private media library. With the ICO nearing, you can expect to see how people use the Libra Coin for its practical uses in the near future.

How Libra Coin Works

Libra ICO campaign

The Libra coin will be a part of the recently announced Libra Foundation project. The team is headed by the famous ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin. The project has a whole range of objectives, among which is the creation of a Libra Chain. The aim of this is to reduce costs and bring in efficiency in the media and content distribution market. Along with this, it is also planning to build a decentralized ecosystem where consumers and creators can have more control over their content. Apart from this, the project has announced several new projects such as the Libra Foundation and Libra Direct Transactions. It is still in its alpha phase and will be followed by a soft-launch. The ICO is scheduled to take place from September 14 and can be gotten at Libra Coin Dashboard

The Libra coin has been available on various platforms such as the Novi Wallet. The token have been created ready to be bought on The total supply will be capped at 100,000,000 coins. This will make a total supply of 120 million coins for circulation. The Libra Foundation aims to achieve these in 10 years. The investment is promising as it has a pretty good return on investment. Investors are expecting about 1.5% per annum.

The Major Advantages of the Libra coin

  • The Libra coin has a lot of advantages as it will not only make transactions safer, but will also bring in transparency and accountability.
  • The Libra Coin makes perfect sense to be used by holders as the supply is not capped and is not issued by any central authority.
  • The use of the Libra Coin will enable the holders to use the coin for transactions across various platforms such as iOS, Android, desktop, browser, etc.
  • The Libra Coin is based on and is the first independent, decentralized cryptocurrency. It is very different from other coins as it uses its own ethereum protocol to store and retrieve data.

How does Libra Coin work and Libra Token Comparisons

Amongst all the coins, the Libra is the most promising in terms of its use. It is currently going through an exciting phase in the development. Some of the important features of the Libra coin that will help make it attractive is its ability to solve the problem of monopolization of media distribution, transparency in the distribution process and also its value.