Elysium Diemlibre

Hello Diemlibrans,

We are happy to announce the release of Elysium v1.0


Elysium is a DApp Space powered by Diemlibre for full usage by Diemlibrans.

The goal is to increase the usability of $DLB.

Elysium is online only at https://elysium.diemlibre.io

As part of the Elysium space, BuyDiemlibre was also released from #projectbuydlbdapp

Users can now experience;

1) Sped-up transaction time

2) Full control of their transactions and Diemlibre assets. 

This is just the beginning and in the coming months, the Diemlibre team is working on releasing more DApps for $DLB Holders to enjoy the best of Diemlibre.

Elysium Diemlibre