Diemlibre $DLB Hackathon

Diem Libre $DLB Hackathon

More that $25k US in prices to be won.

Hello Team $DLB,
We are happy to announce the beginning of a new era.

In order to appreciate the good work of our Developers, we are happy to launch a Hackathon.
The Hackathon will take place in phases.

Join the DiemLibre $DLB Hackathon with more than $25K US in prices to be won.

Here is a brief overview of this hackathon session.

  1. Phase 1: The application Phase.
    1. The user/teams will apply for the Hackathon.
    2. Apply Here 👉 DiemLibre $DLB Hackathon Application Form
  2. Phase 2: The selection Phase.
    1. Project ideas will be selected by a team of elite judges.
  3. Phase 3: The onboarding phase.
    1. The selected users/teams will be onboarded for the commencement of the hackathon.
    2. Users/Teams will also provide deliverables for the Mid and Final Hackaton Evaluation.
  4. Phase 4: Hackathon session begins.
  5. Phase 5: Mid Hackaton Evaluation.
    1. Mid Hackathon deliverables must be met.
  6. Phase 6: Final Hackathon Evaluations.
    1. Final Hackathon deliverables must be met.
  7. Phase 7: Announcement of Winners.
    1. Sharing or prices accordingly.
  8. Phase 8: Credits and Acknowledgments.

Note: During the application process users/teams are advised to make sure their project answers one or all of the following questions;

  1. How will it benefit $DLB?
  2. Will it attract more Investors?
  3. Will it be better on Web3 software?

Please stay tuned to our Telegram Channel @diemlibredlb for more updates.